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The importance of getting your pet vaccinated to prevent a wide range of health issues cannot be understated. It’s a quick and easy procedure that will help you protect your pet.

Mill Valley Pet Clinic provides pet vaccination services to ensure your pet can lead a long and healthy life and remain protected from various diseases. A vaccinated pet also means that you'll remain protected from pet-to-human transmissible diseases like rabies.

Our team at Mill Valley Pet Clinic understands that every pet is unique, so we always adopt an individualized approach to vaccinations. Whether a dog spends a lot of time hiking in nature, going to boarding facilities, or just being a homebody makes a real difference in what vaccines they need. For cats, whether they are indoor only, or enjoy roaming their neighborhood will inform our vaccine recommendations. When giving vaccinations, we take into account the pet's age, lifestyle, medical history, and overall well-being to develop a safe and sensible vaccination schedule for your pet.