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At Mill Valley Pet Clinic our doctors have strong surgical skills and are comfortable performing many routine and urgent surgeries. We offer high-quality general anesthesia, monitoring, and pain control to ensure you get the best treatment for your pet. Some surgeries are more appropriately performed by a veterinary surgical specialist. In these cases we have relationships with board-certified surgeons, who can come to our facility to perform surgery, or when overnight care is needed post operatively, we may send clients to a board certified surgeon at one of several local specialty hospitals.

Type of Surgeries We Perform

  • Spays & Neuters
  • Soft tissue surgeries
  • Dental extractions, and gingivectomies
  • Emergency Surgeries, including intestinal obstructions and bleeding splenic masses.
  • Laceration repairs
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Removal of bladder stones
  • Removal of tumors and masses
  • Amputations

Key Features of Our Pet Surgery

  • Our veterinarians are highly skilled, trained, and experienced in performing surgeries.
  • Reliable pre-op and post-op services ensure your pet gets the best care.
  • Special attention is paid to patient safety under general anesthesia and pain management.
  • Usage of state-of-the-art surgical equipment and practices to achieve the best surgical results.
  • Our team of caring professionals will monitor your pet throughout the surgical process, from preanesthetic lab work, and medications, to post surgical pain control..
  • Medical attention and regular checkups till complete recovery of your pet.

If you have any concerns or questions about your pet's surgery, including queries related to anesthesia, pain management, or post-op care, you can reach out to us for more information.